La boîte à outils 3DS

La boîte à outils 3DS

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La boîte à outils 3DS is a website who regroup a serie of useful apps designed for the Nintendo 3DS' web browser.

The website contains for example par a calculator, a chronometer, a tool for getting the weather, and more (the apps list is avalaible here).

The website is simple and rapid to use. He is designed to be displayed on the two screen of the console. The navigation is via the bottom screen who is tactile, and with certains others buttons of the console.

The website is compatible with all Nintendo 3DS' versions. The 3DS part of the website is also visible with a computer.

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Others informations:

Author: Eliastik
License: None (source code not distributed yet)
Current version: 2.2.2 (03/07/2016)
Creation date: 20/07/2012
Programming languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
Language(s): French