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A version of the Snake game with an artificial intelligence. This version has many game modes. You can play against the AI, or let it play alone. A Battle Royale mode is also available, this mode sees between 2 and 100 AI fight! Many settings are available to vary the games. A Levels mode (for the player and the AI) is also available, it's a series of level with a particular goal to achieve (get a minimum score, get a score in time, …). Downloadable levels are available.

An online game mode is also available! Game servers are already opened so you can play online with others players. This repository hosts the client and the game engine used by the server program.

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Author: Eliastik
License: GNU GPLv3
Current version: 2.2 (18/10/2020)
Creation date: 2019
Programming languages: JavaScript
Language(s): French, English
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  • SnakeIA - Version (5,30 Mo)
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