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Hacklol is a web app who allow, with the help of the app Hacklol Modifier, to « hack » and edit websites.

You have just to enter the adress of the website, or to click on « Click here to select a random website » to choose a random website, then to click on « I'm not a robot » then to click on Confirm to edit the website with Hacklol Modifier. It's possible to edit the texts of the website, to draw into the website, and much more (see the screenshots).

It is also possible to use Hacklol on a smartphone or a tablet.

This allows you, for example, to make a joke to a friend by making you pass for a « hacker ». Of course, the website is not edited in reality (the modifications are just seen by you), because this is contrary to the law.

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Others informations:

Author: Eliastik
Licenses: Hacklol Modifier: GNU GPLv3
Website and others: Closed source
Current version: 1.4.1 (23/10/2017)
Creation date: 24/02/2014
Programming languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
Language(s): French, English