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Page Shadow for Chrome/Chromium/Edge/Opera 1412
Page Shadow for Firefox 1895
Page Shadow for Edge Legacy (2.7) 2916

Date of the last download: 11/30/2021 at 02:58:55 AM UTC+0100

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An extension for Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Opera and Edge designed to render a web page more readable in a dark environment by decreasing page brightness or by increasing page contrast. This extension also have a night mode who apply an orange filter on the page to limit the blue light emited by the screen. The page contrast increasing mode has many color themes. The extension has also a mode to invert the colors of the images to make them stand out better when the page contrast increasing mode is enabled. This extension is available in english and in french. L'extension est disponible en français et en anglais.

For Firefox, Chrome and Opera, the extension is available in the official stores.

If you are unable to install the extension from this website for Chrome/Chromium or if your browser prevents it, follow these steps:

  1. Click on « Download the extension », then « Chrome/Chromium », then « Local » on this website and click on « Continue » on the bar displayed at bottom of your screen ;
  2. Open the menu of your browser (the 3 little dots at top right) and select « Settings » ;
  3. In the left menu, select « Extensions » ;
  4. Open the folder where you have downloaded the extension and drag the Page Shadow file (with the .crx extension) into the Chrome/Chromium window ;
  5. Click on « Add the extension » ;
  6. You can now enjoy the extension.

Important informations:

On latest versions of Opera, you have to activate a particular setting to allow the extension access to search results pages (this allow the extension to works on Google, Bing and others search engines):
  1. Click on the "Cube" icon at the top right of the browser
  2. Click on "Manage extensions"
  3. Under "Page Shadow", click on "Details"
  4. Check "Allow access to search page results"
About the permissions of the extension:

The extension requires some permissions to be able to work properly. Here is what these permissions are and why they are used:

The extension strictly doesn't collect any data. The extension only communicates with a remote server for the Filters feature, in order to download or update a filter file and no data is provided to this server. It doesn't communicate with any remote server on any other occasion. Page Shadow is free and open source software. The source code of the extension is freely available on Github.

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Others informations:

Author: Eliastik
License: GNU GPLv3
Current version: 2.8 (24/10/2021)
Creation date: 2015
Programming languages: Javascript, HTML/CSS
Language(s): French, English
Names of the downloadable files (sizes of the files):
  • Source code : Page Shadow (1,11 Mo)
  • Page Shadow for Chrome/Chromium/Edge/Opera : Page Shadow v2.8.crx (953,90 Ko)
  • Page Shadow for Firefox : Page Shadow v2.8.xpi (969,75 Ko)
  • Page Shadow for Edge Legacy (2.7) : Page Shadow (1,03 Mo)
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