Fake virus pack for Windows

Fake virus pack for Windows

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A pack with a series of inoffensive fake viruses programmed in Batch for Windows.

This pack contains these fake viruses:

  1. Anticlick windows : a virus displaying many windows that close immediately, preventing a normal use of the computer ;
  2. Infinite windows : a virus displaying windows indefinitely, until the computer crash ;
  3. Matrix : a virus displaying indefinitely a river of random numbers, it can be closed without problems ;
  4. Reboot : a virus who reboot the computer after a certain time ;
  5. Powering off : a virus who power off the computer after a certain time ;
  6. Infinite Beep : a virus making the computer to beep indefinitely - work only for Windows versions prior than Vista ;
  7. Mega Flash : a virus making the screen flashing indefinitely ;
  8. BSOD : a virus displaying a fake Windows BSOD screen ;
  9. Virus alert : a virus displaying a fake virus alert impossible to close ;
  10. Mega Flash Color : a virus making the screen flashing indefinitely with colors ;
  11. Infinite windows + Matrix : a mix between the virus Infinite windows and Matrix.

These viruses can be executed with the program Virus Launcher included in this pack.

Important informations:

Versions 2.0 and higher of this pack are only compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. If you are using older versions of Windows, please use version 1.3.3 of the pack, available in the Old versions menu.

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Others informations:

Author: Eliastik
License: GNU GPLv3
Current version: 2.0.1 (27/02/2023)
Creation date: 2014
Programming languages: Batch (virus), Electron + Angular (launcher)
Credit (icon): Icon by Paomedia under Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported) license
Language(s): French, English
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  • Pack de faux virus pour Windows (version 2.0.1).zip (57,14 Mo)
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