Document: the sentences and philosophical discussions of Gardevoir, an IRC speaking bot

Document: the sentences and philosophical discussions of Gardevoir, an IRC speaking bot

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Who is Gardevoir ?

It's an user in the IRC channel #pokepedia in th Epiknet server, whose the name is of course inspired by the Pokémon “Gardevoir”, a Psy and Fairy type Pokémon. It's in reality a bot, working with the help of the program “Pyborg”. It's possible to speak with it, by accessing the chat IRC (via the web client from Poképédia or via your IRC client in the Epikent server (adresse :, #pokepedia channel) and by clicking on its username, to start a private conversation (it seems that it no longer responds to private conversations actually, but he still speak in public on the #pokepedia channel). His master is Mewtwo_Ex, a Poképédia admin and channel operator. Gardevoir is intended to animate the channel.

Gardevoir know to date about 25 000 words, a possibility of more than about 1 000 000 sentences (yes, more than 1 million, you do not dream) !

What present this document ?

This document presents the sentences and discussions with others users of Gardevoir the bot. A tutorial on how to create its own IRC speaking bot is also available in this document. Good reading !

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Author: Eliastik
License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 FR
Latest modification: 20/08/2017
Creation date: 2015
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