La boîte à STI2D

La boîte à STI2D

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Date of the last download: 02/24/2020 at 11:11:14 PM UTC+0100

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The soundbox of a certain terminal STI2D (french) class (2017-2018). Warning, the download of this application is possible only if you have a special password. To get it, contact me here and I will give it to you (only if you were part of this STI2D class). Some clues about this class are available in the screenshots.
Lycée Saint Rémi - Roubaix (France) - La boite a STI2D

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Author: Eliastik
Current version: 1.7.4 (24/02/2020)
Compatible system(s): Android, iOS (untested and undistributed)
Developed with the Apache Cordova framework
Creation date: 2018
Programming languages: JavaScript, HTML/CSS
Language(s): French
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  • La_boite_a_STI2D_1.7.4.apk (9,25 Mo)
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