Dolphin Emulator USB key

Dolphin Emulator USB key

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A pack to make an USB key for emulation with the help of Dolphin Emulator (Gamecube and Wii emulator). Contains a document on how to set it, a game list (games not included) and divers installers of Dolphin Emulator (pre-configured). Only for Windows.

Others informations:

Author: Eliastik
License: Voir dans le pack
Latest modification: 23/07/2016
Creation date: 2016
Language(s): French
Names of the downloadable files (sizes of the files):
  • Pack : Clé USB Dolphin
  • Guide : Guide de Dolphin Emulator (by Eliastik).pdf (673,60 Ko)
  • Game list : Liste des jeux inclus.pdf (45,28 Ko)
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