I am a young computer enthusiast who creates some apps, websites and others things during my free time. My nickname is Eliastik, from here is the name of the website. I presents here my creations, who you can see and download (except for the websites). I publish them for the majority under free software license. Welcome !

My programs and apps

Page Shadow

An extension for Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Opera and Edge designed to render a web page more readable in a dark environment by decreasing page brightness or by increasing page contrast. Others tools are also available with this extension.

Simple Voice Changer

Simple Voice Changer allows you to change the voice of an audio file or recording quickly and easily: choose an audio file, or register you, and you can edit and save your changes!

Javascript HQX

Javascript hqx is a Javascript app who allows to upscale the sprites of games and/or pixel-arts in an optimized way with the help of the hqx algorithm (used in the majority of the video games consoles emulators).

Programs pack for TI calculators

A pack with a series of programs for TI calculators programmed in Basic by me or other people. Some of the programs not from me have been improved from their original versions.

Fake virus pack for Windows

Pack with a series of fake viruses (inoffensive) programmed in Batch for Windows.


Small practical tools. Serve yourself !

My games


A version of the Snake game with an artificial intelligence. An online game mode is also available!

Labyrinth Marathon

A labyrinth game.

Project Simastro

Project Simastro is a planetary systems simulator, including a game component (control of a spaceship, space battles with the computer in particular).

My other websites

La boîte à outils 3DS

La boîte à outils 3DS is a website who regroup a series of useful apps designed for the Nintendo 3DS' web browser.


Hacklol is a web app designed to « hack » and modify websites.


The blog of Eliastik's Softs

The blog of Eliastik's Softs, who present tips and informations about computers.

Latest blog articles:

Document: how to boost the speed of DeSmuME ?

A document listing a list of tips to increase the speed of the DeSmuME emulator (Nintendo DS emulator) and a comparison of the differents « magnification filters ».

Dolphin Emulator USB key

A pack to make an USB key for emulation with the help of Dolphin Emulator (Gamecube and Wii emulator). Contains a document on how to set it, a game list (games not included) and divers installers of Dolphin Emulator (pre-configured). Only for Windows.

Document: 32 creepypastas - horrific stories from Internet

This document presents a series of 32 creepypastas selected by me with a link to their multimedia files (image, video, sound). This files aren't included by default in this document. If you want to see them, you have to click on the proposed link.

Document: Android AOSP 7.1.2 installation tutorial for Nexus 7 (2012)

In this tutorial, I explain how to install an Android AOSP 7.1.2 ROM with all the last security fixes destined to Android for the Nexus 7 tablet in 2012 version.



A page containing some old applications, games and documents I made that are no longer maintained and/or promoted. They have been kept for archiving purposes.

Internet memes soundboxes

Some Internet memes soundboxes. Soundboxes available: « Denis Brogniart - Ah ! », « J'suis pas venue ici pour souffrir, OK ! », « La boîte à El Risitas », « Alain Finkielkraut - Taisez-vous ! », « Super Mario – Non ! », « La boîte à Emmanuel Macron » and « Nicolas Sarkozy – Mais vous fumez monsieur ! ». Serve yourself !